[ROVERNET - UK] Ignition systems

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Wed Mar 22 23:42:11 GMT 2006

There is a guy in Perth (not USA or Canada) who is making programmable
ignition controllers (microcomputer) that interface witb the Ford EDIS
>From a Ford you need the EDIS module, coil packs, 34 tooth wheel that sits
behind the crankshaft pulley, induction pickup that suits that.  The
controller is configurable as MAP (manifold air pressure) based and has an
easy text file to set the advance curve.
If anyone is wrecking a Falcon (felken) with that gear I'd love to buy it
and see how easily it fits on to a P6.
Yes I intend to visit wreckers here, just more time to track one down.


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