[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Very nice P5 for sale in Oregon

Andrew H. Litkowiak andylit at runbox.com
Sat Mar 25 02:03:48 GMT 2006

You got it. Obviously, it was about more than cars, but they were a major symptom.

Eric Russell wrote:
> Andy,
> Your story reminds me of:
> Once there was husband and wife who had just bought a
> new mule. They were walking it down the street when
> the mule trips over a stone. The husband says, “That's
> one!”
> They walk some more, when the mule trips over a stone
> again and the husband says, “That's two!”
> Then the mule trips over a stone again. The husband
> says, “That's three,” and shoots the donkey!
> The wife gets so mad and start's cursing at the
> husband and saying, “That was are only donkey! You
> were an idiot to shoot it!”
> The husband says to his wife, that's ONE!” 
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