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Tue Mar 28 20:39:44 BST 2006

Dear James,

The full story about headrests is quite complex, but here are the main points. The optional headrests in a P5 were always the ET style ones, but they were not exactly the same as the ones for a P6. They were larger (from front to back) than the P6 ones and were always (i) leather faced (P6 ones ceased being leather faced quite early on) and (ii) fitted with the rear seat reading lamps. They were only offered for Mark III and 3.5 Litre models. The seats did not come with the fittings necessary for them (unlike the later P6 cars) and you therefore needed to fit a number of parts in order to locate them. The Mark II and earlier seats could not be adapted. The rear seat headrests were again similar to the ones used for the rear of a P6 but they were slightly less bulky and supposedly only for saloon models. Again, they were always leather faced.


Pierre Janusz

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