[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 10 - Lucas RF35 regulator

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 Hello Alan

Have you looked at the following site 'Rosette', advertised as the Rover
Owners Site for Every Ten and Twelve Enthusiast, you may make useful
contacts there with other owners. (pun excused): http://www.rosette.org.uk/

Peter Mitchell

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I need to replace the regulator on the Rover 10 - a previous "expert" 
has destroyed the workings.
I am told the RF95/2 is a replacement - but is somewhat different and I
would like to preserve originality if possible.
The RF35 was fitted across lots of pre-war English cars.
If anyone has one in their mathom house, or knows of one that another
pre-warrior may have, please let me know and hopefully a suitable exchange
can be negotiated.
Have tried many contacts here in Melbourne, Tasmania and Queensland - but no
luck so far. 
This is the last job needed to get the Rover 10 registered and running.

Alan Gale

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