[ROVERNET - UK] Worn ignition switch 70 3500S

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I have had to change the switch several times and it is a long job.  If you
have a replacement then you can connecct it into the wiring loom at its plug
as a temporary, until you have the required time.  If you remove the plate
with the lights wiper switches etc and let it hang down, you can access the
loom behind where the ignition switch plugs in.  If you substitute your NOS
then you can operate the ignition start functions etc.  Of course you will
need to keep the key in the old switch for the steering lock etc.  I can
send you the scanned pages from the manual if you require.  Basically you
have to drill into the bolts that support the steering lock assembly to the
column, insert a ezy out and unscrew the bolts as they have no hex head for
a spanner (anti theft??).  Other bolts support the key barrel and switch
which are very hard to get at under the dash.  You will need a strong light
and mirror or very small Rover enthusiast helper.  I have discovered that
the switch mechanism set in a non conductive plate is held up to the key
barrel with bent over metal tags.  These develop free play and slop hence
electrical contacts are intermintantly lost--car stops!!      
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>My ignition switch is so worn that it does not remain in the on position
>after starting. Only by jiggling and praying does the key remain turned

>enough to allow current to the ignition. Fortunately I have a NOS switch
>replace. 3 Q:
>If it fails before I have time, can I "jump" any wires to keep it going?
> Is 
>there a quick fix to the wear?  How difficult is it to replace the assembly?
>Geff and Julie McCarthy
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