[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Clutch? (Vol 41, Issue 38)

jDolan jhdolan at sover.net
Mon May 1 02:54:34 BST 2006

> I'm coming out of my customary voyeuristic position here to run a TC 
> problem by the more-knowledgeable.  Today I was driving my '68 TC and 
> suddenly felt a shudder when trying to shift into second gear.  Soon I 
> couldn't get it into second at all, then only first gear would work.  As 
> fate would have it, I was near the garage that works on it, but I'd like 
> to have some sense of what's going on before I approach them tomorrow.
> I'd appreciate any thoughts.
> Thanks, Gordon.

Good evening Gordon-
  Sorry to hear the bad news.
If the motor is off, can you engage the gears? If so, try engaging a 
gear with the motor off, then try turning the starter/key briefly. If 
the car moves forward, I'd suspect the clutch is at fault. Others might 
not advise this procedure, but I'd give it a go. Do make sure you are 
prepared, should the car start up and be running, in gear, with a faulty 
clutch. Maybe even be so prepared as to pull the coil wire for the short 
  If you can't engage gears with the motor off and with or without the 
clutch, I'd look at the "tranny" (hi Glen) or the linkage.
  Good luck. Its only a machine- you'll win with determination!

jim  Bethel, VT
'60 P5 MkI LHD 4 spd w/OD
'61 LR 88" SW 16's, OD, 1 Bbl weber, hubs  "Selig"

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