[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch?

JOHN john.at.hulverstone at btinternet.com
Mon May 1 10:38:59 BST 2006

> >> I'm coming out of my customary voyeuristic
> position here to run a TC 
> >> problem by the more-knowledgeable.  Today I was
> driving my '68 TC and 
> >> suddenly felt a shudder when trying to shift into
> second gear.  Soon 
> >> I couldn't get it into second at all, then only
> first gear would 
> >> work.  > >>
> >> I'd appreciate any thoughts.
> >>
> >> Thanks, Gordon.
Hi Gordon,
One thing that has come to mind is the syncro-mesh
hubs. If they are worn, it could produce the symptoms
you describe. If so, there should be no problem
selecting any gear with the engine off.

Best wishes

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