[ROVERNET - UK] Road & Track - June 2006 Issue

Andrew H. Litkowiak andylit at runbox.com
Thu May 4 14:54:35 BST 2006

The man may not be erudite, but he is understandable. His speech is stumbling 
and folksy, riddled with malaprops and generally strange.

However, with very rare exceptions, you know EXACTLY what he means and what he 
is trying to say. He may not say it well, but, his message comes through loud 
and clear. You may not like the message, but you understand it quite clearly.

Would that the rest of our politicians emulate his clarity of expression.

"I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it."

steve bridge wrote:

> Hi Ray,
> Our President has trouble with such brainy things.  He thought he was in 
> Alabama in the National Guard while he was actually avoiding Vietnam in 
> Washington DC.
> I'm sorry, since the King called you Austria, you are now Austria. 
> Change your accent as this is final and uncontestable, because he is...  
> "I'm the decider and I decide Rummy is doing a good job" ( "W", 1st of 
> May or first grade... either works)
>> That's OK Peter. Even your President once called Australia 'Austria'! 
>> So we
>> get used to it. If the columnist is correct it would be nice to have our
>> cars appreciated in print and value but then we don't love our cars 
>> for the
>> prestige, do we!
>> Ray Wilkins
>> 1976 P6B
>> Melbourne Austria (oops sorry, that should read Australia!)
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>> Hi Roverist:
>> Sorry, I forget about our world wide Brothers!  Theres a Peter Egan who
>> writes a column called "Side Glances" for Road & Track.  His article is
>> called "A Guide to Collectible Sleepers of the Lowest Rank".  He names
>> 10 vehicles which he claims will become valuable in the future.  
>> Number 5 is
>> a Rover 3500.  If he's right, those of us who possess a
>> P6B will benefit in the future.
>> Peter Miller
>> Arlington, Wa.
>> USA

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