[ROVERNET - UK]Fritz' P5 Coupe and My stuff

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Tue May 9 03:55:43 BST 2006

That would be great.  Take your camera.  I haven't
seen a picture of the car as it is now and Bill
doesn't want to take any.  A first hand report would
be helpful.  Dirk probably has the best shot at doing
something with it.  It's really awkward knowing Diane
will have to take a beating on the whole deal.

While on the subject of leaving things unfinished, if
something happens to me and you don't hear from me for
a while, Sheila's email is kinarda at earthlink.net or
you can reach Andrew through Cisco Systems in Durham. 
My instructions in the event of my demise are for you
guys to come and get what you want for free, first
come, first served.  Just haul it off.  None of my
kids want it (except for maybe the TR8.) Bring large
trailers and don't expect anything to be neat or
orderly.  I promise you will have fun and I'll have
fun watching you "from altitude".

Kent K.

--- roland <veetwinrider at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Kent, would you like me to have a look at the car
> and
> see what's up with it? Maybe I can light a fire
> under
> him?
>       roland
> DL650
> VX800 #21
>   Rover P5
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