[ROVERNET - UK]Fritz' P5 Coupe and My stuff

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Tue May 9 14:53:52 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 19:55 -0700, Kent Kinard wrote:
> That would be great.  Take your camera.  I haven't
> seen a picture of the car as it is now and Bill
> doesn't want to take any.  A first hand report would
> be helpful.  Dirk probably has the best shot at doing
> something with it.  It's really awkward knowing Diane
> will have to take a beating on the whole deal.
> While on the subject of leaving things unfinished, if
> something happens to me and you don't hear from me for
> a while, Sheila's email is kinarda at earthlink.net or
> you can reach Andrew through Cisco Systems in Durham. 
> My instructions in the event of my demise are for you
> guys to come and get what you want for free, first
> come, first served.  Just haul it off.  None of my
> kids want it (except for maybe the TR8.) Bring large
> trailers and don't expect anything to be neat or
> orderly.  I promise you will have fun and I'll have
> fun watching you "from altitude".
> Roverly,
> Kent K.


It would be helpful to know a little more specifically when this
anticipated demise might occur. In fact, it would be a thoughtful
gesture on your part to set a particular date and time so that those of
us in need of Rover bits can plan ahead and buy cheap airline tickets.
Please do not leave us hanging.

Also, do you expect to just shuffle off your mortal coil in the usual
manner, or do you know something we don't know about when to expect the
Rapture? If you do have some sort of inside information on that, I think
you should share it with list members with more than seven years on the
Rovernet. This would be only fair, as we have put up with a lot from you
over the years.

Finally, what will be the status of the Rover bits if the Rapture does
come and you find yourself unaccountably left behind? Should we assume
that you will retain possession of them as long as possible, or will it
be share and share alike?

Thanks for thinking of us, and please keep us posted.

Your pal,


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