[ROVERNET - UK] 2007 Peking to Paris

John Burkhard burkhaj at earthlink.net
Wed May 10 19:53:49 BST 2006

It's back!  The second recreation of the 1907 event is scheduled for June - 
July of 2007.  The first modern run was in 1997.  A P5B and a Land Rover 
ran and I think the P5B finished.  The 2007 event has rules that only allow 
pre 1960 vehicles.  A P5 Mk I would fit in and a P5 Mk III might sneak in. 
Sorry no P5B's.  Can you picture yourself behind the wheel of a P5 for 
14,000 miles and 45 days.  From the highest paved road in the world through 
Iran and then on to Europe,  Now if I was 25 and had $30,000 or so to 
spend, why not. 

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