[ROVERNET - UK]105S (was Speaking of P5's)

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed May 10 20:12:00 BST 2006

Hi Michael,
Yes, the engine has pluses and minuses, but can be made usable with a 
little effort.  Here's the story.  The engine was installed in my P4 100 
when I bought the car.  The previous owner put a rod through the side of 
  the block of the 100 engine and couldn't find another, so substituted 
an engine from a 105R. The 105 was completely rebuilt and the crank was 
modified for use with the 100 transmission, thus turning the engine into 
a 105S for all intents and purposes. Shortly after installing the engine 
in the 100, the owner's grandson (6 years of age) was playing in the car 
and left the ignition on.  Before the battery went dead, the crankcase 
filled with gasoline.  Thinking that the battery had simply gone flat 
the owner proceeded to drive the car until the rods started to knock, at 
which point he diagnosed the problem.  I bought the car from him and 
replaced the 105S engine with a 3L7 from a Mk. I P5 (not as simple as it 
sounds.)  The 105S engine did not smoke while I had it in the car and 
covered only a few miles with the bad rods.  The crank and rods would 
need to be inspected (rods possibly rebuilt) and the big end bearings 
replaced.  On the plus side, I did get some really nice carbs from Glen 
Wilson.  This engine should not need another rebore because the rings 
are good and the valves should also be in good shape.  Only the bottom 
end needs attention.

The engine is located two hundred miles west of Ft. Worth, TX.  But I 
love any excuse for a road trip.  It was not my intention to throw this 
engine away as I was saving it for someone in need.  Are you in need?

Kent K.

Katherine Cuba wrote:

> Kent:
> Did you say you had a 105S engine?  If you are cleaning out, let me 
> know, and where it's located.
> Michael

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