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Not really in need at the moment, I just didn't want it discarded.  I have a 
'58 105S that I got about a year ago.  It seems to run fine, but I haven't 
had a chance to really go through the engine and see how close it is to 
needing a rebuild.  The clock says 78,000 miles, but I found records that 
indicate it hit its first 100,000 miles within the first few years of its 
life.  So I don't know if the actual milage is 178,00 or 278,000 or ten 

So the question I always ponder is; should I find another block and have it 
rebuilt at my leisure so that I can switch it out when I need to and save 
down time, or do I wait for the current one to expire and put my toy up on 
blocks until the engine is finished?

My TR6 has been off the road for a couple of years while I found spare 
minutes to remove the body and repair a broken frame.  Of course, now that 
it's close to being completed, it has rained every day for the last several 
weeks.  Drat!


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> Hi Michael,
> Yes, the engine has pluses and minuses, but can be made usable with a 
> little effort.  Here's the story.  The engine was installed in my P4 100 
> when I bought the car.  The previous owner put a rod through the side of 
> the block of the 100 engine and couldn't find another, so substituted an 
> engine from a 105R. The 105 was completely rebuilt and the crank was 
> modified for use with the 100 transmission, thus turning the engine into a 
> 105S for all intents and purposes. Shortly after installing the engine in 
> the 100, the owner's grandson (6 years of age) was playing in the car and 
> left the ignition on.  Before the battery went dead, the crankcase filled 
> with gasoline.  Thinking that the battery had simply gone flat the owner 
> proceeded to drive the car until the rods started to knock, at which point 
> he diagnosed the problem.  I bought the car from him and replaced the 105S 
> engine with a 3L7 from a Mk. I P5 (not as simple as it sounds.)  The 105S 
> engine did not smoke while I had it in the car and covered only a few 
> miles with the bad rods.  The crank and rods would need to be inspected 
> (rods possibly rebuilt) and the big end bearings replaced.  On the plus 
> side, I did get some really nice carbs from Glen Wilson.  This engine 
> should not need another rebore because the rings are good and the valves 
> should also be in good shape.  Only the bottom end needs attention.
> The engine is located two hundred miles west of Ft. Worth, TX.  But I love 
> any excuse for a road trip.  It was not my intention to throw this engine 
> away as I was saving it for someone in need.  Are you in need?
> Roverecyclingly,
> Kent K.
> Katherine Cuba wrote:
>> Kent:
>> Did you say you had a 105S engine?  If you are cleaning out, let me know, 
>> and where it's located.
>> Michael
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