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Hi Guys

I've been looking at the possibility of importing a P5B and/or an FC101 =
-Rover or Defender - this is what I have found out so far.

Getting vehicles into the US is relatively easy provided the car is more
than 25 years old. There are some forms to fill out but DoT and EPA =
seem to get themselves all wrung out over "antique" cars.  However =
states have different requirements for emissions equipment so don't =
that because the federal agencies are happy the state bureaucrats will =
into line. =20

If the vehicle is less than 25 years old then it needs to be imported by =
Registered Importer (RI) and has to be modified to meet Federal motor
vehicle safety requirements; this usually requires conversion to LHD if =
RHD to start. Typically you can expect to pay upwards of 15 to 20 =
for the modifications and very possibly a great deal more - it's not =
cost effective unless you are importing a real exotic or really want
something you can't get here. You have to either import a car which is
already on the approved list or petition for your vehicle to be added - =
latter is long winded and expensive and there is no guarantee of =


There is a link to existing vehicle approvals and to the declarations =
need to get filled out

EPA requires you to have a car imported by one of their Independent
Commercial Importers (ICIs) and most importers have to be on both lists.
However there are no restrictions on cars older than 21 years=20


What the RI/ICI does is certify the modifications and issue a compliance
sticker; you cannot have the modifications done by anyone other than =
who is the agencies approved list. (So don't try and save money by =
the work doe before it ships - it will all have to be done over again =
the cars gets here). Also be aware that many importers focus on high end
business - Ferraris/ Astons and the like and can't be bothered with =
breeds where they don't make such a big profit.=20

The issue of importing into California is a bit more complicated since =
the model year is 1976 or later then it needs to be smogged and =
certified as
being smogworthy; as I understand it the whole emissions system has to =
inspected and approved - an emissions test alone won't cut it. Prior =
and EPA approvals aren't necessary if the car is older than 25 /21 years =
state approval is required. Importing an SD1 into CA could be a problem
unless it's CA certified, but anything older should be OK.  =20

Al:  I can't comment on what Georgia requires but the local DMV should =
able to help - I think that you shouldn't have any issues since to the =
of my understanding Georgia merely requires Federal inspection standards
which don't apply in your case as the car is more than 21 years old.  So =
ahead and import - I think all you need is one customs form, but a good
shipper and a customs agent make dealing with bureaucracy much easier.

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton
San Diego CA
(Former P6B owner about to rejoin the fold)

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~I'm keen to know this as I would someday like to bring my 71 Mercedes =
~250CE from the UK. I bought it 15 years ago when I was 18 and really =
~bring it here so that I can restore it to its former glory.

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