Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Thu May 11 00:55:54 BST 2006

Hi Folks
            Anyone wanting a spare block to rebuild, I have two 75's, a one
100 and one complete engine still in the P5 Mk1A. they are free, the only
catch is you have to come to PEI to pick them up, and someone has already
mentioned they are heavy!!! Oh! I have a couple of P6 blocks too, same deal.
I have a large assortment of P4 doors, front fenders, engine bonnets and
much other Rover misc stuff. Free to pick up.
I have nothing to do with tourism but recommend Prince Edward Island as a
lovely vacation spot that boasts beautiful beaches and natural scenic
landscapes. it is also the home of free Rover parts.
                                          Happy Holidays

born in Belfast, Northern Ireland,
Author of "lily and me" a great book and a great read .
Order on line at amazon.com. Book # ISBN1-55430-019-3

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