[ROVERNET - UK] Got the 2000SC home today,

Ali Al-Abbasi alialabbasi at hotmail.com
Sat May 13 19:37:17 BST 2006

As some of you know I bought a 2000SC , 2000TC and a 3500S from an owner in
South Atlanta.

I collected the crashed 2000SC today. What a mission,  I have a serious
decline to my house so getting the car down was a small mission. Once down ,
we could not maneuver the car because of how the front end was smashed. It
looks like I'm going to pull the remaining panels, glass, instruments ,
engine, gearbox and suspension. Is there anything else worth keeping?

The other 2000TC is pretty complete and I would hate to part it out as I
think it is in restorable shape. I am still debating whether to attempt to
sell it complete or part it out. Anyone interested in a complete
restorable/parts car?

I should have some pictures for the group shortly.

Let me know.

With best regards


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