[ROVERNET - UK] Dion tube gaitorand, I have to ask!

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Hi Steven,

I did this job some time ago and still have not recovered from the trauma.
 I can send you the scanned section from the manual if you require.  You
need to ensure you have a system of pulling the wheels back in as you bolt
it together.  I used a rope and if I did it again i would use a chain and
a turnbuckle to provide for beter manipulation.  Mark the alignment of the
flanges on each side because the pattern of bolt holes is not symetrical.
 Perhaps a centre punch.  Have you the gaskets as well as the new gaitor?
or you will need a set of hole punches and some gasket material to make new
ones. Be very careful undoing the metal strip ring retainer so that it can
be re used. When removed clean all the mating surfaces but be very careful
with the seals that are easily ruined by a metal pin arrangement at the end
of the middle tube.  I recommend you glue (contact adhesive) the new boot
to the centre section because the spring retaining strip is not strong enough
to keep it in place as you re bolt the assembly together and have to extend
the assembly.  Bolt it together and then fit the boot over the outside flang
again with silone sealant before fitting the pring retainer.  Let the silicone
grip before driving.  You will need a diff filler to get oil into the tube
when the job is finished.  Let us know how you go.  Have fun cheers Roger
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>Hi All,
>Two questions:
>1) I'm just about to do the dion tube gaiter(boot) on my TC and would be
>grateful for any advice before I tackle it. I've seen Alan's(?) technique
>the RoverNET archives, but may have to take the manual route because I'll
>by myself doing it and the half shafts may add too much weight, again 
>anybody's personal experience here would help.
>2) Alright, I have to ask! Does anyone know why Rover used the Viking head
>and the Viking Longship on it's badges? If another person asks if my TC
>Volvo I'll crown 'em!
>Look forward to answers to both.
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