[ROVERNET - UK] For Sale in New Jersey [Fwd: 1970 Rover 3500S NA Version]

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Sun May 14 18:26:32 BST 2006

Forgot to forward this one the other day.  Here is another white 3500S 
for sale, this time on the east coast.  The owner Bob Gumina has some 
interesting history with Rover dealerships.  -- Steve Manwell

Subject:  1970 Rover 3500S NA Version
From:  "Robert P. Gumina" <rgumina at msn.com>
Date:  Sun, 7 May 2006 13:33:16 +1200
To: "smanwell" <smanwell at sprintmail.com>

 I regularly get your newsletter but have never attended an event your 
club holds. I am moving out of state end of June 2006 and have a 1970 
3500S NA Version. I bought it in 1974  It is Davos white, repainted in 
1978 or so at the dealership I was a tech. at. I was going to list on 
Ebay but figured I would let your club know first. The floor footwell 
has an area approx. 20 inches square I cut out to replace the rusted 
area, but have not had a panel welded in yet. My wife worked in the 
parts dept. at that dealership so she regularly ordered "sell down" 
parts from J.R.T. in Leonia. I also have a new hood on it still in 
primer, and the cylinder heads are off the engine, since I was in 
process of converting to fuel injection but stopped due to conviction of 
damaging originalty.
 I installed a factory new steering box and rear differential assembly  
since they were very inexpensive, and have the original units also as 
well as many engine parts. I would include any and all parts in the 
deal, as long as she goes to a caring home. Speedo may not work but I 
drove it only till 1908 as a 2nd car when I bought the SD1 Midas Gold Rover.
Please contact if you know anyone interested before I list on Ebay.
 Car is in Somerset County, New Jersey.
Bob Gumina

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