[ROVERNET - UK] P6B oil pump troubles

Tue May 16 05:07:35 BST 2006

Try putting a pint of transmission fluid ( red ) in the oil. Have had this 
problem with several rovers that were unused for a long time. Drive the car 
at moderate speed til it is hot. Then drain oil. Raise rear at least 2' for 
10 or 15 min. Then the front for same time. Then put #10 HD oil in and drive 
at least 20mi. Drain again and put in the oil normally used. Has always 
worked for me. I left a 68 TC sitting for a year while doing a world tour. 
Also before driveing the car after sitting idle, move it 1/2 wheel 
revolution and let it sit in a warm place for a day. The grease usually 
settles to the bottom and this will let it cover the bearings. I was in  so. 
cal. at that time and a hot place was no problem. 

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