[ROVERNET - UK] P6B oil pump troubles

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Tue May 16 15:17:33 BST 2006

> It's basically a "male" versus "female" difference. If 
>you were to swap a 
> distributor from an SD1 to a 3500S, you would have to 
>drive a little pin out 
> and change the little coupling. Very simple procedure.

Almost correct...  The roll pins that hold the drive gear 
are not the same size and the later distributor shaftes 
(post '75) do not have the tang to drive the early oil 
pumps.  You can fit an early Rover distributor (or Buick) 
to a later Rover oil pump/front cover by drilling the roll 
pin hole, cutting off the tang on the end of the shaft and 
fitting the SD1 distributor drive gear. I do this 
conversion regularly in order to fit Delco "window" or HEI 
distributors to SD1 engines.   To fit the later 
distributor to an early engine requires disassembling the 
later distributor and using a distributor shaft from an 
early distributor.   Fitting a later distributor to an 
early engine seems rather pointless unless you want to 
retain a "correct" appearance while getting the benefits 
of electronic ignition and even then a Unilite or 
Pertronix conversion is far simpler.
> As usual, I'm sure Kent can provide any specific info 
>you need on this. He's a 
> crafty bugger!

Crafty Bugger is it now?!!  Well, so be it.

Kent K.

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