[ROVERNET - UK] Visit from Nick Hand

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu May 18 23:42:10 BST 2006

Hi Netters,
I had a surprise visit this morning from Nick Hand.  Nick is a Jaguar 
man from Oklahoma who has just purchased a pretty nice SD1 in Oregon.  
He was hoping to drive it home but there were clutch issues, so he 
rented a car and drove home via California, Phoenix, Midland  and 
Sterling City, TX.  Nick moved to the US from the UK in 1979 and had a 
P6 while in the UK.  He has an E-Type, a pair of S-Types and lots of Jag 
junk.  A really great guy.  I'm looking forward to helping him with his SD1.

Kent K.

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