[ROVERNET - UK] So why is it so hard to find a Rover in the U S?

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Fri May 19 01:56:42 BST 2006

I'm with Kent here -- there are many more Rovers in the US than one 
would think.  A lot of them need work though, and they are spread 
somewhat thin across a large country.

I find that the best Rovers present themselves when I have no garage 
space or just after I have spent a lot of money on body work on a Rover 
that's already in the garage.

Al, what type of Rover would you like?  I'll bet among the Rovernet and 
RSTCA network you could find at least a good project car from each major 
model range from P2 to 800/Sterling.  Probably several from each range 
except P2 and P3.   Between Dad and me, we have a bit of an inventory 
problem too.  Probably at least one each P4, P5 and P6 should be 
considered surplus from our fleet.

Speaking of surplus, maybe we should start a thread about Rover *parts* 
in the US...

--Steve Manwell

Kent Kinard wrote:

> I beg to differ guys.  I haven't seen Dirk actually post an inventory, 
> but he doesn't collect junk like I do.
> I would be much better off if I wasn't a sucker for any Rover within 
> 500 miles.  If you are looking for a project, you can have anything 
> I've got except the P5B Coupe...and maybe the P6B.  Nothing I've got 
> is really pretty.
> Roveroverstockedly,
> Kent K.
> Paul Smith wrote:
>> You've hit the nail Ali.
>> Alvin has All the SD1s, Kent has the rest.
>> PVS
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