[ROVERNET - UK] So why is it so hard to find a Rover in the U S?

Peter Huttemeier peterhut at melbpc.org.au
Fri May 19 13:13:04 BST 2006

>The market for old cars is supposedly a cyclical thing
>~ perhaps here in Australia we are at the bottom of
>the cycle. Let's hope so anyway. 

The main problem is that non Rover enthusiasts do not see the value in
older Rovers, unfortunately Rovers are not seen as a successful
investment, unlike some other British manufacturers. 

OTOH, as far as enthusiasts go though not many can hold a candle to
the Roverite for his/her enthusiasm. RCCA has over 230 members with
over 1,000 cars on our register. While we would like to find a home
for all distressed Rovers, it is physically not possible. 

Certainly with other British makes, cars are being bought at auctions
by overseas buyers and shipped to UK (mainly) or US. While our dollar
is appreciating it still makes good buying at the moment. 

If anyone is interested in sourcing cars from here just let me know
off list.


Peter H

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