[ROVERNET - UK] Around the world news

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Fri May 19 16:01:10 BST 2006

Wow!  It's great to hear from Rovernetters around the world.  Each of us 
has something to share and we have much in common.  Please think 
seriously about attending the June 2007 RSTCA meeting.  I got a 
telephone call this morning from Miles Winchester in Melbourne.  He has 
been in Australia without anything to drive for the past year and is 
preparing to import a Tomcat from NZ.  His dad, Ron, has just bought a 
P2 16 Four Light (1946) and they are retrieving it from the Out Back in 
preparation for shipping it to NZ. Miles thinks he will be able to make 
it to Boston next June.  Are we firm on our dates yet?

Serious shoppers will take the Aussies up on their offer to help with 
purchase and export.  Consider having some of the work, particularly 
body and paint , done in Oz (or NZ) before having a car shipped to the 
US or Europe.  There are excellent craftsmen down under and the labor 
rates are far less in many cases. Consider the savings on rubber alone.  
Why import the rubber from Scott's when you can have it installed and 
shipped as part of the car.  The P5B Coupe is a particularly attractive 
proposition for those in the US and Canada.  If I had it to do all over 
again, I would import a really nice one and save tons of money comparred 
to what it is costing me to rebuild an average one.  We're talking tens 
of thousands of dollars in cost savings.  You could spend a month in 
Australia on holiday, supervise the work and the loading and still save 
a bundle.  The same priciple would hold for any Rover P3 or older.

Kent K.

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