[ROVERNET - UK] Help! Intervention needed! OT

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Thu May 25 01:50:42 BST 2006

I'm still interested in HS8s for my TC...


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Wow!  What a thread.  You got lots of replies on that one 
Glen.  Of course, I have to put my two cents worth in on 
this one.  I have had two TR7's (one was a Spyder) and 
four TR8's including the current one that is a reshell 
(TR7) of my previous car that was totaled.  Comparred to 
the MGBV8 swap, the TR7/8 is a piece of cake.  The cars 
are easy to work on with the V8 in place and a blast to 
drive (though a little light in the tail).  The TR7 is 
indeed happier with SU's and I did change the Spyder over 
to SU's.

Anyone who needs carb cores, talk to me.  I think I have 
at least one set of each for Rovers-HD8, HS8, HIF6 (for 
V8), HS6 w. AED for P6B, HS6 w. manual enrichment for P6B, 
HS6 with AED for P5B, HS6 w. manual enrichment for P5B, 
and HIF6 for 2200TC. and at least one set of Zenith 
Strombergs but I think they were from a Rangie.  I don't 
necessarily want to dispose of any of these, but we can 
talk.  Besides the intakes for all of these, I have stock 
Buick 2V and 4V intakes and two early Offenhauser 4V 
intakes, lots of '64 300 Buick intakes, an Edelbrock, and 
a John Harcourt high rise....and a P76 2V.  I'm looking 
for a Ross Calgher high rise 4V (P76) to fit to a Buick 
340 experiment.
Anybody want to trade?

I have two spare Range Rover rolling chassis and would 
like to stretch one to fit a '56 Studebaker pickup I have 
spotted.  I have 22 cars but most are junk.  I am a 
confessed adict, but have had the experience of walking 
away from it all.  I could do it again and eventually will 
have to, my older son is urging me to begin to divest.  Do 
you think he has a point?

Kent K.

On Wed, 24 May 2006 07:26:41 -0400
  Glen Wilson <glenwilson at cavtel.net> wrote:
> Someone please help me! I'm finding myself unaccountably 
>attracted to hardtop 
> TR7s that keep popping up on the internet, and I'm 
>afraid I might buy one in 
> a moment of weakness. Has anyone else had similar 
>experiences of being drawn 
> to cars you know you shouldn't buy? I need your 
> Glen

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