[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 on eBay

John Burkhard burkhaj at earthlink.net
Thu May 25 20:32:39 BST 2006

This SD1 is in Reno, Nevada and the eBay number is 4643067657.  The car is 
California certified but will require a full emissions inspection to bring 
into California as it is registered in Nevada. This could turn out to be an 
expensive process if it fails the inspection.  The eBay information leads 
you to believe that the EFI system has been converted to a BMW system.  The 
engine photo shows that it seems to have the original  Lucas/Bosch L- 
Jetronic system is still in place.  The current reserve is some where over 
US $4,000.00.  This is the second time this owner has had the car on eBay 
and the contact person is the owners agent.   Press on.  jb 

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