[ROVERNET - UK] Russian planes (OT, of course)

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The russian Concorde was called the 'Concordski" at that time !


P2 !

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> The Russian supersonic airliner was similarly cribbed from the Concorde,
> though through industrial espionage rather than confiscation.  I remember
> a very interesting TV documentary on this a few years back.
>> Did you ever hear the story of how Stalin copied the American B-29 at
>> the end
>> of WWII? Three of them were impounded when they landed in the USSR
>> following
>> a raid on Japanese territory. I'm not sure whether he ever gave them
>> back to
>> the US or not, but he had one taken apart and copied right down to each
>> nut
>> and bolt. The foot pedals on the Soviet production planes actually had
>> the
>> word "Boeing" molded into the casting. Western powers were shocked to
>> see a
>> squadron of modern, pressurized long range bombers identical to the
>> state of
>> the art B-29 fly over at a Soviet air show or May Day display.
>> Absolutely true story.
>> The Russians were no slouches when it came to aircraft design, but this
>> was
>> handed to them on a platter.
>> Glen
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