[ROVERNET - UK] looking for a 2000TC

carlin h freeberg cfreeberg at juno.com
Mon May 29 00:48:34 BST 2006

Hi, Nathan,
I'm in Bellingham WA.  I'm surprised to learn there's another P6 in town.
 I haven't seen any P6s hereabouts in years, specially any w/ a sun roof.
 There was one w/ such a roof in SE B'ham 20-or-so years ago---haven't
seen it since then.
I have a white  '67 w/ blue quarter-panels that I've had since '76,
bought it from the 1st owner who bot it new from the Rover dealer in
Seattle.  It's got about 90K miles, is rust free and been garaged since
'90 when the Dunlop brakes deteriorated.  I rebuilt the brakes w/ all new
rubber and pads, including a new master cyl.  The engine is strong, runs
clean.  I rebuilt the xmission (broken bronze slider on the mainshaft)
and diff (worn concave thrust washers) about 10K ago.  This was my daily
driver from '76 till the brakes gave up the ghost in '90.  I've got a ton
of spares, including body panels/doors/lids; upholstery/leather (complete
set of good-condition leather front seats); new window-beltline rubber,
etc. etc.  I've been planning to return it to daily service but haven't
yet gotten around to it because of higher-priority projects.  Returning
to service would require draining the gas tank, flushing the fuel lines,
changing the oil, new batt, bleeding the brakes, etc.  That's my goal for
the summer.  All glass is good---comes w/ spare windshield and rear
Since this is my baby and fave drive, I haven't even thot of selling. 
It's worth a lot more to me than what P6s are going for now.  Given its
age, it's clearly a project car, specially where long-distance driving is
concerned.  As you doubtlessly know, it's a lot more comfortable to drive
long distances than most any of my other cars, including Cads.  I'm 74 so
think I should probly be toning down my project aspirations some.  Thus,
I'd entertain offers from good Rover enthusiasts and home-givers.  What's
a rust-free, almost-one-owner P6 worth nowadays?
If interested, let me know & I'll dredge up some pics.  

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