[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Technial Questions

John Burkhard burkhaj at earthlink.net
Mon May 29 04:25:26 BST 2006

I am replacing the oil flex line (pipe) for the upper timing chain 
tensioner.  I am using a new line and new copper crush joint washers.  The 
root cause of the oil leak seemed to be that banjo bolts were over 
tightened and bottomed out in the castings. I have read both the factory 
and Haynes service manuals and can not find the correct tightening torque 
specifications for the banjo bolts.  Has anyone found a  tightening torque 
that will crush the washers, not bottom out the banjo bolts and yet not 
leak or come loose?  Than you very much for any help that you can pass 

John Burkhard
1966 P6 TC 

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