[ROVERNET - UK] Levers and tappets and brakes, Oh My.

George Phelps p6_rover at yahoo.com
Mon May 29 19:18:32 BST 2006

Well I happily reassembled the brake system and bled
them and patted myself on the back, but -

As I was all set to reattach the hand brake mechanism,
I discovered, after much head scratching, that the
rebuilders (Apple Hydraulics) put the levers back in
the wrong calipers.  That is to say the little spring
loaded levers for the handbrake.  Now I could pull
them out and switch them, but the manual has all these
dire warnings about the tappet falling down into the
wrong position if you pull out the lever.

If you are with me so far, it looks as if, with the
calipers in place, the tappets are horizontal and with
luck I could switch the levers and hopefully not
dislodge the tappets.  Does anyone know if this is
possible, or even what I am talking about?  With all
my brake problems, if I have to remove the calipers I
think I'll just get it running and drive it in the
garage, close the door and take a nap.

Thanks for any help.

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