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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Mon May 29 22:39:47 BST 2006

If the hubs had too much preload, I would expect them to overheat and 
fail long before the diff.

Could you provide more details.4cyl or V8? Exactly what was the 
failure? Did the gears strip? I presume you are talking about the 
small gears inside the diff carrier, not the crown and pinion gear. 
Did the stub axles fail?


>There is a P6 out here that is having problems with the 
>differential.  The owner, not having a computer asked me to ask all 
>of you for some help.  The car had been in storage for some time. 
>He got the car running and everything at the rear seemed normal for 
>about 600 or so miles.  Then the rear hubs were determined to need 
>rebuilding.  This was done with new bearings, seals and crush 
>spacers.  Just after this service was performed the differential 
>problem started.  After just a few days of driving the differential 
>side and pinion gears failed.  The complete rear axle assembly was 
>replaced with a used unit and the same thing happened again.  My 
>first thought is that the rear hubs pre-load was incorrectly set. 
>An other ideas?  Thank you for the help.  jb
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