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Thanks for getting back to me.  The car is a stock 1967 2000 TC.  I have 
not seen the either differential myself, but the owner said that he removed 
the first unit from the car and looked in the inspection port.  He told me 
that both side and pinion gears of the differential are badly damaged.  To 
what degree I am not sure.  The second unit is still in the car and he 
thinks it's the same problem and getting worse by the mile.  I have asked 
him to split the case and evaluate all the parts.  I have never had final 
drive problems other than a few broken axels, and I am about 200 miles from 
the car so I am not sure what is really going on.  I guess the real 
question is, are the differential gears normally a problem?  Any light you 
can put on this problem will be helpful.
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> If the hubs had too much preload, I would expect them to overheat and 
> fail long before the diff.
> Could you provide more details.4cyl or V8? Exactly what was the failure? 
> Did the gears strip? I presume you are talking about the small gears 
> inside the diff carrier, not the crown and pinion gear. Did the stub 
> axles fail?
> Yours
> Vern
>>There is a P6 out here that is having problems with the differential. 
>>The owner, not having a computer asked me to ask all of you for some 
>>help.  The car had been in storage for some time. He got the car running 
>>and everything at the rear seemed normal for about 600 or so miles.  Then 
>>the rear hubs were determined to need rebuilding.  This was done with new 
>>bearings, seals and crush spacers.  Just after this service was performed 
>>the differential problem started.  After just a few days of driving the 
>>differential side and pinion gears failed.  The complete rear axle 
>>assembly was replaced with a used unit and the same thing happened again. 
>>My first thought is that the rear hubs pre-load was incorrectly set. An 
>>other ideas?  Thank you for the help.  jb
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