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Robert Arnold webgeezer at warbaby.com
Tue May 30 18:37:31 BST 2006

When I lived in SF (and still had a Rover), John was my mechanic for 
more that 20 years. I can't praise him highly enough. He's simply the 
best Rover mechanic I've ever found in more than 30 years of Rovering 
- not cheap, but incredibly knowledgeable and impeccably honest. Also 
one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Give him my regards when you 
see him.

I've been Roverless for the past couple of years, but I'm looking 
forward to acquiring another one as soon as I can afford it - perhaps 
a P5 this time (unless I can find my dream car, a P6 Estate). We've 
recently moved from Amsterdam to Vancouver Island and with the cost 
of getting us and all our stuff shipped here, it prolly won't be 
until the end of summer before I'm ready to start looking, but a 
heads-up would be appreciated if you hear of anything interesting on 
the market.


BTW for Kent - Next time you see Ron Jones, let him know that I have 
no hard feelings, but he still owes me a 3500S ;>)

>Dear Phil:
>The mechanic I use is John's Jaguar Service, 632 Ellis St., SF, [415]
>Best regards,
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