[ROVERNET - UK] SD 1 5SP Fluid

Winchester, Miles Miles.Winchester at ArvinMeritor.com
Wed May 31 01:20:57 BST 2006

I have converted my SD1 gearbox to ATF and there is improvements with cold
gear changes but I suggest also changing the rear output seal as this is
prone to leak with the ATF fluid.



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I used to use ATF in my TR7's gearbox, that was the spec' in the owner's 
manual. I believe they used the same box (77mm ?). I think the earlier 
models used a conventional gearbox oil (I can't remember now) from what I 
remember the ATF did improve the rather notchy quality of the change, but 
you had to drain and flush before switching from one to the other.



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>Anyone have a recommendation on fluid to use in SD 1 5speed? I solved 
>starting problems, rebuilt starter relay [ had a broke wire] Thanks 
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