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You may be past this suggestion:
Once upon a time, I determined that the rear servo was
not releasing the rear brakes.  I opened the rear
servo air control valve and determined that it was not
easily moving up and down.  I place a rag over the
whole assembly and rammed down on the brake pedal. 
The air control valve piston became lodged in the rag.
 I noticed that the air control valve cylinder and
piston both had minor surface rust.  Being prepared to
remove, repair and refit the servo I:
1.  Wrapped 1000 wt. wet and dry paper around a
2.  I moistened the paper with brake fluid.
3.  I "honed" the cylinder noticing the rust dust on
the paper.
4.  Using brake fluid and a "Q-Tip", I cleaned out the
5.  I used 1000 wt paper on the piston.
6.  I moistened the rubber seal with brake fluid,
reassembled everything.
7.  Success!  Everything worked and kept working.

Disclaimer:  Only one person's experience.  Not
workshop manual noted.


--- Steven Dibdin <sdibdin at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Yes on both counts----this week----I do have some
> parts coming from Ruth to 
> help a sticky airvalve issue on the front servo.
> But, yep it's doing both. 
> I'm not making any promises for next week though!
> PS, I haven't forgotten your battery covers, work is
> being most inconvenient 
> at the moment...
> All the best,
> SD-
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