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David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Wed May 31 08:07:57 BST 2006

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Steven Dibdin wrote:
> Hi Ali,
> I did a bit of searching on coolant choice this weekend, It's the first 
> really hot weekend in NY, and the temp gauge on my 2000TC was just at 
> the top of the green section and would occaisionnally cross the line 
> into the low red. I think re-coring the radiator may be on the cards. 
> The coolant quite clean, and I think the engine had been flushed before 
> I bought the car last October.
> Anyway, apparently the antifreeze does stop corrosion in the engine, but 
> also inhibits thermal conductivity (so I was wrong with my last email on 
> this). So it doesn't cool as efficiantly as pure water.
> I did find a product called 'water wetter' from redline oils that's 
> meant to improve the wetting abilies of coolant and thereby improve 
> cooling by up to 30 deg F. I'll add some to the coolant in my car and 
> tell you if anything improves. Has anyone else used this or a similar 
> product? did it work for you?
> That's about it apart from the fact that I got my NOS carbs' fitted this 
> weekend and what a difference it made. I kept thinking the engine had 
> stalled when pulling up at the lights, and I'm not creating my own 
> personal hole in the ozone layer any more.
> Take care,
> StevenD

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