[ROVERNET - UK] Brake lever - possible sucess?

George Phelps p6_rover at yahoo.com
Wed May 31 23:17:20 BST 2006

More rear cylinder woes and help requested - 

It turns out the guy at Apple Hydraulics had laid the
pins down and reinserted the levers, so no need for me
to worry about them fallling out, they were already
out anyway.  Typical guy move - why read the

Nonetheless, I think I may have gotten the pins back
in their holes in the rear cylinders and then the hand
brake levers reinserted,((all while laying on my back
under the car),  but then again the pins may have
fallen down per the dire warning in the manual.  How
can I tell?  

If I pull down on the lever(on the part where the
larger hand brake lever attaches) I get some springy
resistence.  I figure this is good, - if the pins fell
down, wouldn't the lever shaft spin freely?

Thanks again for any heeeelllppp!!!!


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