[ROVERNET - UK] P6 - Query re fitting new seal to rear boot deck

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Wed Nov 1 10:18:55 GMT 2006

Hi Netters,

I am in the process of replacing the rear boot deck seal on my P6B. I have
the rear decker panel out on a table with the seal pushed into place ready
to be secured by the curved pieces of metal frame.

My query is:  The seal as supplied is a bit too long.  Before I do any
cutting, could anyone with a P6 please advise:

Is the deck seal simply cut off square at the end, or is there a chamfer?
I've been going through my photographs to see if I have one for comparison,
but no luck so far.

(As you can see, the purchase of a workshop manual is imminent).

I'd be grateful for advise and possibly even a photo of a seal in place if
it is not too much trouble.

Once again I must say that I'd have given up on my restoration without

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia 

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