[ROVERNET - UK] P6 -Fitting new seal to rear boot deck - further query

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Sat Nov 4 08:56:30 GMT 2006

Hi Netters,

I wrote during the week with a query regarding the fitting of a new boot
deck rubber.  Having sorted out the length of the seal (photo credits:Paul
Smith,thanks Paul) I am now attempting the fit the rubber to the boot deck.

The rubber is clamped in place on the underside of the deck by two metal
brackets. Each bracket has a lip that fits into a slot along the underside
of the seal.

The problem that I am having is:  where the rubber has to curve at each end
of the deck panel, it will not do so suffiently to allow itself to be
restrained by the lip on the metal bracket.

I suspect that the answer lies in cutting a few small slits in the back of
the deck seal, to enable it to bend more easily.  But naturally I don't want
to mess up the integrity of the seal.  

Is there anyone out there who has accomplished this feat and can advise the
finer points of this process please?

Many thanks

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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