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Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Sat Nov 11 02:44:03 GMT 2006

Hi Clyde, 

I don't know the answer to your question about carrying out repairs to right
angle drives, but having a P6B with an intermittently wavy speedo needle, I
shall follow the responses carefully.

Do you mind me asking how you came by the turbine water pump and generator?
Do you have any information posted on a web site anywhere?  I would be
grateful for information to satisfy my own curiosity, and also I
occasionally contribute articles to my local Rover club magazine, and feel
that your turbines would make a wonderful writeup.

If you don't have information that has already been prepared, may please I
send you a set of questions off Rovernet? 

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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Can the right angle drives that are attached to the gearbox for the speedo
cables repairable?
The square drive cable has broken where it goes into the gear box.
It has the identifying marks BG.2401/00.
Regards Clyde
Rover Gas turbine Water pump 1S/60
Rover Gas Turbine Generator  1S/90

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