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>Can the right angle drives that are attached to the gearbox for the
>speedo cables repairable?
>The square drive cable has broken where it goes into the gear box.
>It has the identifying marks BG.2401/00.
>Regards Clyde
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Yes. I take it that you are in New Zealand. There is a shop in Adelaide 
South Australia that repair them for very resonable cost. They are Adelaide 
speedo and gauge service. Unit 5, 65 OSullivan beach road Lonsdale. +618 
8326 3866. You may want to get your instrument cluster checked also. If 
there is something dragging there then that can cause breakages down the 
line. I think that there is a right angle drive on the back of the cluster 
as well. There certainly is on the Rover 2000's which I am more familiar 


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