[ROVERNET - UK] NADA 3500S parts car on Ebay - looks likeagooddeal

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 04:03:13 GMT 2006

--- Slatskars <slatskars at comcast.net> wrote:

> If you think Rovers are confusing, you should try
> Nash Metropolitans. The 
> left over 1959-60 models were sold for several years
> and can be registered 
> as late as 1962. I believe the last one off of the
> line was April 1960.
> Slats
My own Rover is reg'd as a 1962, but from the vin and
Heritage Museum, it is was built in April of 1959.
Also since it's a MK1, but with front disc brakes, it
one of the later MK1's. So it seems the first year
sold must have been 1962. Sitting on the lot for
nearly three years. My 1958 Magnette ZB, last of the
series, was reg'd as a 1959 also.

  Rover P5

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