[ROVERNET - UK] NADA specs per given registration year

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I don't think Rover North America imported P5's after early 1965 to the US. 
I think that most 1966 & 1967 LHD export P5's in the US came in from Canada 
and ?.
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> Here in New York State, USA, how a car is equipped for a given year of 
> registration is all important to the safety and emission people.
> When we were first registering the P5, registered as a '67, I took it for 
> inspection and it was promptly rejected for lack of four way flashers - 
> perhaps something else as well.  All '67 cars must have four way flashers 
> and certain other lighting specs.
> So we sent the VAN to the Heritage Museum and they certified it as a 1964 
> model - don't know the exact build date - and we amended the registration 
> to 1964.  The inspection people were fine with that; different New York 
> State lighting specs for that year.
> Hank
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