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Since the 1920's, the Rover Model year (with few exceptions) ran from 
October 1st to September 30th.  This was so that " next year's"  model could 
appear at the annual motor show in the UK in October each year.  Exceptions 
were in 1945 when car production resumed slowly post war and 1947, when the 
last P2 cars were built between January and December.  Exports of these cars 
continued until May 1948.   P3 followed in 1948 and by 1949 things were back 
to routine.

In fact production usually started in September following the annual factory 
shut down in August.    In the UK, number plates (licence plates) are 
allocated when the car is registered usually on sale but in Peter's case the 
car was registered by the Rover factory, possibly as a management car.

Its not unusual to find a car manufactured in December and registered in 

Mike Maher

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Hi Roverists:

Our 1971 P6B has a production date of 12-70.  It was first registered
at the Rover works as a 1971.

Peter Miller
Arlington, Wa.

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