[ROVERNET - UK] Re: P4 on EBay/ Happy Turkey day

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 22:52:47 GMT 2006

The photo of the brown seat, which is what they look like under the red
covers, looks like a seventies' vinyl reupholstery job to me.  The fact
that the seats are no longer leather and cloth is a negative in my book,
and impacts the value.  It looks like a pretty nice car overall and I
think the current price of $3850 is pretty much what it's worth.  If it
had leather I think $5K or so would be realistic.  This might be a case
where buying a rusty UK car, with no hope of an MOT but a good interior,
and importing it for parts would be a worthwhile endeavour.  I'm finding
that it's actually cheaper to ship a complete car across the ocean than to
crate up the parts and ship them.

There was a beautiful black 1956 P4 90 on Craigslist in Washington a month
or so back, with an asking price of $3500 as I recall.  Does anyone know
what happened to that car?  It seemed like a really good deal.


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