R: [ROVERNET - UK] Outer sills - Chrome - 10 Rovermandments

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Fri Nov 24 02:22:06 GMT 2006

Kent, I just knew that I would wail and gnash my teeth on receipt of your

Okay already, so I rejoice with Gordon at his snazzy car!!

I haven't seen the 10 Rovermandments, would love a copy...

The car is very nice and more seriously, has the finish that I would be
delighted to have on my car in perhaps 10 years.   I have sent some photos
to Rudiger and Gianluca should post them to the Rovernet web site. (Note:
Eric, I have forgotten how to do this).

Peter Mitchell

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> I must confess to coveting it on every occasion that I see it.  Kent 
>could  confirm that this is not a real sin as I am not coveting the 
>owner's wife or  donkey!  Theologically though, I see myself as on 
>shaky ground, so will back  off on this point.

Did you forget to read the part that says "...or anything else that is thy

Learn to rejoice with your neighbor.  Whatever happeded to the ten
Rovermandments?  I thought I had a copy from the RSTCA newsletter.

Kent K.

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