[ROVERNET - UK] hesitation blues

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
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1.  Check needle height in piston.  Yes it is lean on acceleration, so the needle may be too far out.
2.  Damping oil in the dashpot - is there enough, and what grade.


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Hi all.

I installed the carburetors I rebuilt this weekend, and the good news  
is that I discovered that a problem I was having with stalling at a  
full stop was due to a missing roller at the accelerator damper. The  
bad news is that I'm still getting hesitation when I begin to  
accelerate from a stop. I also get some hesitation when I turn a  
sharp corner at low speed. I swapped my newly-purchased needles with  
the thinner needles that were in the old carbs, and noticed an  
improvement overall, but not at the beginning of acceleration. If I  
choke, I get much improved acceleration throughout the range. Without  
choking, acceleration is steady through the range, after the  
hesitating start, but more sluggish. My U.S. spec carbs were  
installed with lock-tabs on the jet adjusters, allowing only for a 3- 
flat leaner adjustment. If choking improves performance, then a  
richer mixture is needed, no? Should I be looking at removing the  
tabs and enriching the mixture? Could it be a weak fuel pump-related  
problem? Or something a different needle might cure? I read an  
interesting article on tuning SU carbs today that suggested a great  
deal of improvement can be had by proper needle selection.  ( here's  
the link to the article:   http://www.team.net/www/morgan/tech/ 
tuning.html  )

I've re-checked the timing, and have Pertronix ignition installed, so  
for now I'm ruling that out.

Any thoughts on trouble shooting?



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