[ROVERNET - UK] Moving/Towing a P6 Without Road Springs!?

Kurt Graffy kgraffy at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 16:42:19 GMT 2006

This topic is the bane of my existence!...namely the
front road springs.  I have them out of the car and
have not been able (with external spring compressors)
to get them back in the car.  Paul Smith was kind
enough to send me photos of how he's done it, but I
obviously missed something as it didn't work for me
(so far)...apparently the important thing is that the
spring compressor bolts must be 250mm or less...on the
compressor I rented the bolts are 287mm.

So I bought some Grade 8 hardened washers...am using
them to "shorten" the bolts...we'll find out today if
that will do the trick...but if not....
Here's the crunch...I'm being evicted from my home of
the last 28 years (building sold, new owner wants to
move into my unit) and I have to have the premises
vacated by Friday...but in the garage is a P6 without
any front suspension or front wheels....it also has no
engine...as that's on the rebuild stand, but that's
probably not a huge issue...that can be moved.
So without the front suspension together, I've got two
rear wheels on the ground, and two jack stands under
the steel bars in the front jacking points...which
presumably somehow some towing company will use to
attach a towing dolly to the car to move it out of the
garage and to the new garage...except every towing
firm I called said, one way or another..."No way...not
without having wheels on it."
So...I was wondering how it would be to put the
suspension bits back on ...sans road spring...simply
in order to be able to roll the car out of the garage
and onto the tow truck (presumably a flat bed in this
case) and off the tow truck and into the new
garage...especially as there's no
engine/clutch/transmission weight on the front of the
Am I crazy?...I'm certainly desperate!

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