[ROVERNET - UK] Interesting problem.

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 30 22:52:46 GMT 2006

Hi All,

I've been made to work by my employers recently so haven't had as much of a 
chance to join in as I'd like!

But I've had some fun this summer, those of you with long memories will 
remember the trouble I had bleeding the clutch system on my '68 TC last 
year. Well, after the Rovernet gurus steered me to detached bleeding things 
had gone well. Untill this summer, when I started getting a creeping clutch 
engagement (Not fun at junctions!).

I wasn't losing fluid but if I put my foot down and engaged 1st or reverse 
after 20-30 seconds I move off without me doing anything. So I thought a 
rebuild kit (I had a reciept from the previous owner for re-sleeving the 
clutch master cylinder in '04 so I reckoned the bore should be good).

I pulled the M/C out and sure enough there was a brass sleeve in there. I 
put in the new seals and bleed the system with the better half in the 
driving seat. git evenrything adjusted correctly and everything was sunny in 
the land of Rover. Fast forward 300 miles and I notice fluid on the 
rubbermat. Sure enough the it's coming from the clutch pedal, it only weeps 
when the clutch is depressed at a certain point on it's travel. I order a 
replacement M/C as I'm fairly convinced that the sleeve has a wide point in 
it half way down (Explains the creeping issue too). I put that in and things 
are working again.

So my question is: Have you had a similar problem with a resleeved hydrolic 
cylinder in the past too?

I'll let you know if this isn't the end of my clutch hydrolics woes.

Be glad to hear your views.

All the best,

Steven Dibdin

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