[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!

Ron Venter venterrh at telus.net
Mon Oct 2 03:44:53 BST 2006

          Someone mentioned dirt in the carburetor. Did you check? 
Not just the float bowl. Some of us can't resist using a dab of 
gasket shellac or silicone rubber when assembling a carburetor, just 
to make sure it never leaks again. All it needs is a tiny bit to have 
made its way to the bottom of the main jet where it can periodically 
cause a blockage. Have you removed the main jet assembly and ensured 
there is nothing to restrict flow into and up the jet?
                                         All the best,
                                                         Ron V.

At 11:07 AM 06-09-28, you wrote:
>Hi Guys
>             I need help! The Rover has me stumped (1967 P5  Mk3 Std )
>The car starts and idles okay with full choke on , but once underway 
>I can  .......


>running too weak, getting too much air, but where from. What else could it
>be??. What am I missing here???? I need the help of the Rovernet Brain Trust
>on this one please please please.
>                                                 Regards  Ben
>                                                           Sitting in my
>coracle stumped!
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